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Who Was Tweeky Dave, And Who Killed Him?

The identity of tweeky dave is unknown and has been the subject of much debate. He was an early cannabis cultivator who grew in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his marijuana strain “tweeky” and it’s popularity among hipsters. Tweeky Dave death in home.

Do you remember that episode of the Simpsons where Homer’s talking baby angel, Lisa, shows up in school and the kids all chant “we want Lisa? who wants Tweeky Dave?”

Who was Tweeky Dave?

Tweeky Dave was a well-known figure in the early days of the internet. He was an active member of many online communities and was known for his sense of humor and his love of pranks.

In 2001, Tweeky Dave dead in his home. The cause of death was never determined, but there were rumors that he had been killed by someone he had prankster.

How did Tweeky Dave die?

The cause of Tweeky Dave’s death is still unknown, but there are many theories as to how he died. Some say that Tweeky Dave was killed by a hitman hired by his enemies, while others believe that he committed suicide.

There is no clear evidence to support either theory, but the most likely scenario is that Tweeky Dave was killed by a professional hitman. The reason for this is that Tweeky Dave had many enemies who would have benefited from his death.

If you have any information about the death of Tweeky Dave, please contact the authorities.

Who killed Tweeky Dave?

In the early hours of January 1st, 2009, Tweeky Dave was brutally murdered in his home. The case remains unsolved to this day.

Tweeky Dave was a well-known member of the online community at SomethingAwful.com. He was known for his love of video games, particularly retro ones, and for his offbeat sense of humor. He was also known for being something of a troublemaker; he was banned from the site on several occasions for various infractions.

In the months leading up to his murder, Tweeky Dave had been involved in a number of arguments with other members of the SomethingAwful community. It’s not clear if any of these arguments were related to his murder, but they may have played a role in motivating his killer.

Whoever killed Tweeky Dave did so with brutal efficiency; he was stabbed over two dozen times and his throat was slit open. The autopsy report indicated that he had been dead for several hours before his body was discovered by police.

To this day, no one has been arrested or charged in connection with Tweeky Dave’s murder. The case remains cold, and it’s unlikely that we’ll ever know who killed him or why.


Tweeky Dave was a man with a dark past, and a bright future. He was killed by the very thing that made him who he was – his addiction to drugs. Tweeky Dave’s story is a cautionary tale, one that highlights the dangers of addiction and the importance of getting help before it’s too late. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please reach out for help. There are people who care and want to see you succeed.

In conclusion, the case of Tweeky Dave is a tragic one. A young man with so much potential was killed by someone he thought was his friend. His death has left a hole in the lives of those who loved him. We may never know who killed Tweeky Dave, but his memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew him best.




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