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What Is Skyward Sumter? The First-Ever 24-Hour Business Competition

Skyward Sumter is the first-ever 24-hour business competition. The competition will take place on August 4-5 and will encompass a wide range of businesses from all industries. This is your chance to show off your business ideas, talents, and skills to a global audience. There are also plenty of prizes up for grabs, so register today and get ready to take your business to the next level!

What is Skyward Sumter?

This is the first-ever business competition that will take place on October 12, 2017. The event is free to attend and will feature a variety of activities and exhibits throughout the day. This competition is designed to give small businesses a chance to show their products and services to a large audience. It aims to create a sense of community among its participants and promote entrepreneurship in South Carolina.

How Does Skyward Sumter Work?

Skyward Sumter is the first-ever business competition that will give businesses a chance to win $10,000. The competition starts on January 31st and ends on February 14th. All businesses from across the United States are encouraged to participate.

To enter, businesses must create a one-hour business presentation and submit it by February 14th. The top 10 presentations will be judged based on creativity, innovation, and value proposition. The winners will be announced on February 21st.

It was created by entrepreneurs Aaron Draplin and Andrew Chen. They believe that entrepreneurship is essential to creating jobs and growing the economy. They hope that Skyward Sumter will help promote new business ideas and educate people about the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Who Can Participate in Skyward Sumter?

This is open to businesses of all sizes and industries. You don’t have to be a start-up; you can be an established business with years of experience. The goal of Skyward Sumter is to help businesses grow and connect with each other, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find new customers and partners.

The competition is designed for businesses of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. There are six categories: small business, medium business, large business, startup company, veteran company, and international company.

To compete in Skyward Sumter, you must submit a 2-minute video explaining your business and why you deserve to win the championship. You also have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions and networking events with other participants.

There are three ways you can participate in Skyward Sumter: as a standalone event, as part of a corporate event, or as an online contest entry.ichever suits your needs best!

What are the Prizes?

The skyward sumter business competition is a one-hour business competition that will be held on Saturday, March 3rd from 9am to 10am. The event will take place at Skyward Sumter’s new facility in Wesley Chapel, Florida. There are six categories of businesses that are participating in the event: home based businesses, small businesses, medium sized businesses, large businesses, start up businesses and veteran-owned businesses. Each category has its own set of prizes. The grand prize for the winner in the small business category is $10,000 and the grand prize for the winner in the large business category is $50,000. There are also eight runner up prizes that range from $500 to $2,500. All of the prizes are donated by various sponsors and partners of Skyward Sumter.

When Does the Contest Start?

The Skyward Sumter contest starts on February 2nd at 10am EST and lasts for one hour. During this time, businesses can enter to win a share of $10,000. The top three businesses will receive a total prize of $30,000.

What Are the Rules?

Skyward Sumter is the first-ever business competition that challenges businesses of all sizes to come up with clever and innovative ways to solve global problems. Entrants have three months to come up with a solution, and the top ten winners will each receive $10,000.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what businesses can do in this competition. Whether you’re a startup looking for an innovative way to get your business off the ground or an established company looking for new ways to stand out from the competition, Skyward Sumter offers you the perfect opportunity to show your stuff.

So what are you waiting for? Register today and get started on coming up with some amazing solutions for global problems!


Skyward Sumter is the first-ever 24-hour business competition, and it’s coming to a town near you! Teams of entrepreneurs from across the United States will compete for a chance to win $10,000 and the title of “Official Business Competition USA Champion.” The event consists of eight stages, each with its own challenges. In order to complete all eight stages, teams must utilize every resource at their disposal: social media, email marketing, branding, advertising…the list goes on. This is an event not to be missed!



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