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Sussy Baka Amogus Shrine: A Must-Visit Place in Ghana

When you think of Ghana, what do you think of? Probably, palm trees and beaches. But if you’re a fan of African culture and history, you should also add Sussy Baka Amogus Shrine to your itinerary. This shrine is a must-see for anyone interested in Ghanaian culture and history. Located in the town of Tamale, it’s home to an amazing collection of religious artifacts. From statues to altars, this shrine has something for everyone who visits. If you’re a fan of African art and architecture, don’t miss out on this incredible place.

What is the Sussy Baka Amogus Shrine?

The Sussy Baka Amogus Shrine is a must-visit place in Ghana. The shrine is dedicated to the deity Amogus, who is believed to be the god of hunting and war. Visitors can see representations of Amogus’s weapons and hunting trophies throughout the shrine. There are also several altars dedicated to the deity, where people pray for success in their hunts. The shrine is located in the town of Sussy, near the border with Togo.

What to Expect at the Shrine

The Sussy Baka Amogus Shrine is a must-see tourist destination in Ghana. This shrine is popular for its beautiful carvings and paintings, as well as its spiritual significance. The shrine is located in the town of Paga, approximately 45 minutes from Accra.

Visitors to the shrine should expect to see carvings of animals, deities, and people; as well as beautiful paintings depicting scenes from the life of the saints. One of the most important aspects of visiting this shrine is learning about its spiritual significance. The shrine is believed to be a place where prayers can be directed to improve one’s health and achieve good fortune.

The History of the Shrine

The Shrine of Sussy Baka Amogus is a must-visit place in Ghana. Located around 10 kilometers from the city of Kumasi, the shrine is dedicated to the ancient god Amogus. The shrine has been in existence for centuries and is considered one of the most important religious sites in Ghana.

The shrine was originally built by the Asante people in honor of their god Amogus. The shrine became well known throughout Ghana during the colonial era, when it was visited by many foreign missionaries and businessmen.

Today, the Shrine of Sussy Baka Amogus remains an important religious site in Ghana. It is frequented by both locals and tourists alike and is a popular destination for travellers looking to explore Ghana’s rich history.

How to Get There

There’s a shrine in Ghana dedicated to the god Sussy Baka. According to local lore, this deity helped a village overcome famine and drought. So if you’re ever in the area, it’s worth checking out this shrine!

To get there, head east of Accra along the A2 highway. The shrine is about an hour’s drive from the city.

Once you reach the shrine, park your car and start walking. The journey takes about 20 minutes and is very easy to follow.

Upon arrival at the temple, you’ll find a small pond near the entrance. This is where locals offer sacrifices of food and water to Sussy Baka.

Inside the temple, you’ll find several statues of Sussy Baka. One of these statues is quite large – it’s estimated to be around 2 meters tall!

If you have time, it’s also worth checking out the nearby marketplaces. There, you can buy all sorts of souvenirs related to Ghanaian culture…

Costs of Visiting the Shrine

The Sussy Baka Amogus Shrine is a must-visit place in Ghana. This shrine is dedicated to the god Amogu, who is popularly worshiped in the Akan region of Ghana. The shrine complex is located in the town of Ashanti, and it contains several notable structures, including a cedi (gold)-covered temple and a large pond.

The shrine complex can be visited on a guided tour, and it is also worth exploring on your own. You can take photos or make videos of your visit, and you may want to bring a sense of humor as some of the jokes that are told during the tours are pretty funny!


If you’re ever in the southern Ghanaian city of Sekondi-Takoradi, be sure to make a pilgrimage to Sussy Baka Amogus Shrine. This place is known for its positive energy and healing properties, and it’s an excellent place to pray for guidance and protection. If you’re lucky enough to visit during religious festivals like Christmas or Easter, the atmosphere will be electric with excitement and festivity.



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