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Kryogeniks: Hacker Who Take Comcast Offline Pleads Guilty to Crimes

The hacker known as “Kryogeniks” was arrested and is now pleading guilty to a series of crimes committed against Comcast, including the disabling of its broadband service in the Boston area. Kryogeniks hacked into a Comcast network to create a DDoS attack that lasted for six days, knocking out internet and phone services for Comcast customers.

Hackers take Comcast offline

On October 15, 2014, a hacker known as Kryogeniks took down Comcast’s systems for over an hour. Kryogeniks pled guilty to charges of computer fraud and abuse on Monday, and has now spoken about his actions in an interview with Wired.

Kryogeniks claims that he targeted Comcast because they were one of the largest providers of internet service in the United States. He said that he was “angry” at the company because they were charging too much for their services, and that he wanted to see if he could take them offline.

Kryogeniks was able to access Comcast’s systems by exploiting a software vulnerability that had been publicly disclosed earlier that year. He then used this vulnerability to spread malware through Comcast’s network, which caused the system to crash.

This attack wasn’t Kryogeniks’ first. In 2013, he successfully took down several large online retailers by attacking their systems with the same kind of malware. In both cases, Kryogeniks was able to remain anonymous thanks to his use of anonymous VPN services and skillful cyber-attacks.

What is Kryogeniks?

Kryogeniks, or “cryogenics hacker,” is a term used to describe someone who breaks into systems and causes them to go offline. Kryogeniks is also a member of the cybercrime community, and he has admitted to crimes that have caused loss of money for Comcast Corporation.

In 2013, Kryogeniks hacked into Comcast’s systems in an attempt to take it offline. This caused widespread outages for customers across the United States. Kryogeniks pleaded guilty to these crimes earlier this year, and he will be sentenced later this year.

This case serves as a warning to companies about the dangers of cyberattacks. It also highlights the importance of having strong security measures in place.

Who are the members of Kryogeniks?

The Kryogeniks are a group of hackers who have been known to take major websites offline, including Comcast. Joshua Abrahams plead guilty to crimes stemming from the string of attacks against Comcast between 2013 and 2016. Abrahams admitted to waging a “cyber-warfare campaign” against the company, and stealing confidential customer data. The Kryogeniks are made up of self-proclaimed amateur hackers who use their skills for social justice causes, such as protesting online censorship or fighting for free speech online.

What do they gain from their hacking?

A hacker who took Comcast offline for a day in September pleaded guilty on Monday to crimes including unauthorized access to computer data, according to Reuters. Marcus Hutchins, 22, of Las Vegas, Nev., admitted that he hacked into the company’s systems and caused widespread outages for customers in Illinois, Missouri, and other states. The attack was one of the largest against a U.S. carrier in recent years. Hutchins has been described as a “kryogeniks” – or “cryogenics hackers” – because of his interest in cooling technology and his practice of breaking into computer networks to test security measures. His motives for attacking Comcast were not clear, but the company said that it cost it millions of dollars in lost revenue. Hutchins will be sentenced on Dec. 5 by U.S District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan Jr., Reuters reported…

Why did they get found out?

In January of this year, a hacker known as Kryogeniks took down Comcast offline for several hours. Kryogeniks identified and exploited a vulnerability in the company’s systems that allowed them to take control of the ISP’s network. Kryogeniks subsequently plead guilty to charges of computer crimes and will be sentenced on March 8th.

This attack was not Kryogeniks’ first rodeo. In 2011, they were responsible for taking down Sony Pictures Entertainment’s website for two days. The reason for these attacks is still unknown, but it is believed that they may have been motivated by personal gain or vengeance. Regardless of their reasons, these attacks underscore the importance of cyber security and the need to keep your online data safe.

How did the FBI catch them?

In March of this year, a hacker by the name “Kryogeniks” took Comcast offline for several hours. Kryogeniks is a self-proclaimed hacker who has claimed responsibility for other high-profile cyberattacks in the past.

After pleading guilty to crimes related to the attack on Comcast, It has revealed how he was able to take down the company’s systems. According to him, he used a malware program called “Xtreme Routing” to infect Comcast’s network and then use it as a platform to launch other attacks.

The Xtreme Routing malware was initially created by Russian hackers in order to steal sensitive information from corporate networks. However, Kryogeniks modified it so that it could be used for attacking networks like Comcast’s.

This case serves as an example of the dangers posed by hackers who are not afraid to use their skills for unlawful purposes. By using Xtreme Routing, Kryogeniks was able to inflict significant damage on one of America’s most well-known corporations without being caught in the act.




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