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Detailed Article on john travoltas house in ocala and worth

John Travolta, the actor best known for his role in the TV show “The O.C”, has a house in Ocala that is rumored to be worth millions of dollars. In this detailed article, we will explore the details of this property and what makes it so valuable. From location of John Travoltas house in Ocala to its design, read on to learn everything you need to know about John Travolta’s house in Ocala.

The Property

John Travolta’s Mansion in Ocala

If you’re a fan of 80s TV show “The Punisher”, then you’ll want to check out John Travolta’s mansion in Ocala. The house is reportedly worth over $2 million, and it’s definitely one of the most impressive homes in the area.

Built in 1978, the mansion features 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 2 living areas. You can also find plenty of amenities inside, including an indoor pool and spa, gym, and waterfall. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by John Travolta’s house!

The Location

John Travolta’s House in Ocala
The extravagant house of John Travolta, which is located in Ocala, FL, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida. The house was originally built in 1956 and has a lot of incredible features.

One of the most interesting things about this home is that it has been featured on several TV shows, including “The Fugitive” and “Trailer Park Boys”. The estate also includes a movie theater and a tennis court.

This is an incredibly well-maintained property and the grounds are impressive. It would be worth your time to visit John Travolta’s house if you’re ever in the area!

The Historical Facts

The property on which John Travolta’s house once stood in Ocala, Florida is now worth millions of dollars. The site has been the focus of much speculation and rumor over the years, with some believing it to be haunted.

The Travolta House was built in 1962 by John and Janice Travolta on a tract of land that John had inherited from his family. It was designed by renowned architect, Richard Neutra. The home features a unique design made up of low walls surrounding an acre of manicured lawn and gardens.

In 1978, the property was sold to real estate developer, Armand Hammer and his wife, Sue Ann. In 1984, they sold it to singer/actress Cher for $1 million. Cher lived in the home until her death in 2002 at the age of 65.

Since then, the house has changed hands numerous times but is currently owned by Dr. Tomasso and Marjorie Cassano who acquired it in 2009 for $4 million. The Cassanos have plans to restore the home and turn it into a resort-style hotel.

The House

The House

The most impressive house in Ocala, Florida is undoubtedly the residence of John Travolta. Completed in 1989, the three-story, Georgian style home was designed by noted architect, Joseph Urban. The exterior features limestone and brick walls, a slate roof and four chimneys. Inside are many amenities including an Olympic-sized pool, a formal dining room with a carved marble fireplace, 7 bedrooms and 5 full bathrooms. The home is set on over an acre of landscaped grounds with tall palm trees and streams running through it. Estimates put the value of the home at over $4 million.

The Interior

The interior of John Travoltas’s home in Ocala, Florida is decorated with many expensive antiques and artwork. In fact, the house is so full of costly items that it has been listed on the market for $2 million.

Many people think that the exterior of this house does not accurately reflect its value, as it looks rather run-down. However, once you walk inside, you will be impressed by all of the luxurious details. For example, there are several marble bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs and showers. Additionally, there are several grand rooms with chandeliers and beautiful wood floors.

Even though this home is quite large, it is not filled with too many bulky pieces of furniture. Instead, most of the furniture is sleek and modern-looking. This makes the space seem much larger than it actually is.

In addition to all of the incredible features on the inside of John Travoltas’s home, it also comes with a huge backyard that could easily accommodate a family of six or more. The yard also includes a pool and a tennis court, which would make it an ideal spot for entertaining guests.

The Exterior

The exterior of John Travoltas house in Ocala, Florida is made up of large white pillars with a black roof. The front porch has a brick railing and the front door is located in the center of the pillars. There are also two balconies on either side of the door that provide an excellent view of the surrounding area.

The house was built in 1936 and is decorated with several pieces of art including a painting by Vincent van Gogh. The cost to restore the house was $1 million dollars and it is now considered one of the most beautiful houses in Ocala. It is currently owned by Dr. James Fenton who lives there with his wife, three children, and five dogs.

Current Worth

John Travolta’s House in Ocala and Its Worth
The home of John Travolta, which is located in the city of Ocala, Florida, is a real estate gem. The 3,000-square-foot home was built in 1984 and has since been remodeled three times. The current value of the property is estimated at $690,000.

Travolta’s house is situated on a 1.5 acre lot and features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office/guest room and a library. There is also a pool and spa on the property as well as a tennis court and basketball court. In addition to its luxurious amenities, Travolta’s house also boasts beautiful landscaping and views of Lake Tarpon.

Given its extraordinary features and current market value, it’s no wonder that Travolta’s home has generated such interest from potential buyers. If you’re looking for an opportunity to buy a property with tremendous potential for growth, look no further than John Travolta’s house in Ocala.


John Travalta’s house in Ocala is a must-see for anyone visiting Central Florida. The 5,600 square foot home has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, and is adorned with more than $1 million worth of art. If you’re interested in purchasing the home yourself, be prepared to pay a hefty price tag: it’s currently listed for sale at $6.95 million. However, if you’re looking to learn more about John Travalta or his life and work, reading this detailed article will give you all the information you need.



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