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Alex Kompo: Brief Story on ‘Siesta Key?’ MTV Cut Ties With the Reality Star

Alex Kompo, a reality star from MTV’s Siesta Key, was released from his contract after nine seasons on the show due to sexual assault allegations. This article shares what happened and Alex’s perspective on the situation.

Alex Kompo: Brief Story on ‘Siesta Key?’ MTV Cut Ties With the Reality Star

In the late 2000s, Alex Kompo was a regular on MTV’s reality series “Siesta Key.” The show followed Kompo and his friends as they embarked on wild summer adventures in their sun-soaked Florida Keys home. But after six seasons, the network cut ties with the star last year. In an interview with Complex, Kompo opens up about why he thinks MTV axed the show, how he deals with haters online, and why he still holds out hope for a reunion.

“MTV didn’t renew it because there were ratings issues,” Kompo tells Complex. “We were doing well in the Nielsen ratings but we weren’t doing as well as some of their other shows.”

Kompo says that despite low ratings, there was always a good cast and crew behind “Siesta Key.” He credits producer Jake Kasdan for shaping the show into what it became and also praises longtime friends like Ryan Seacrest and DJ Khaled for appearing on the series.

“It’s really sad that it ended because I think it was one of those shows that could have been really big if MTV would have just kept going with it,” says Kompo. “But you know life goes on.”

Kompo is now focusing his attention on his music career. Earlier this year, he released his debut EP, which features five tracks inspired by his time in Siesta Key.

How to Watch Alex Kompo

Alex Kompo is one of the most controversial reality stars on MTV. Known for his outrageous behavior and controversial statements, many viewers are unsure about how to watch him. Here is a brief story on Alex Kompo and his show, “Siesta Key?”

Alex Kompo was born in Miami, Florida in 1987. After moving to Los Angeles, he became a cast member of the MTV reality show “The Real World: San Francisco.” On “The Real World: Siesta Key?” Alex clashes with his housemates over their attitudes towards work and alcohol. He also makes several derogatory comments about Native Americans which lead to his ousting from the show.

Since leaving “Siesta Key?”, Alex has largely disappeared from public view. However, in late 2016 he resurfaced on Twitter and began posting inflammatory videos attacking Muslims and immigrants. In January 2017, following President Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, Alex released a video in which he calls for violence against Muslims. In February 2017, Alex was arrested for battery after allegedly punching a woman outside a bar in Hollywood.

While it is difficult to determine whether or not to watch Alex Kompo due to his controversial past, his recent videos suggest that he remains active and motivated.

What was Up with

What was up with MTV cutting ties with Alex Kompo after he posted a video of him and his girlfriend, Zahara Green, smoking marijuana?

MTV spokesman said in an email to The Huffington Post: “After careful consideration, we have decided to end our relationship with Alex Kompo. His recent videos do not reflect the values of MTV.”

Kompo’s post on Instagram had drawn backlash from some viewers who called him and Green “disgusting” and accused them of promoting marijuana use.

In the video, which has since been deleted, Kompo and Green are seen sitting on a sun lounger at Siesta Key Beach as they light up joints.

Why Was He Fired?

Alex Kompo, the reality star behind MTV’s “Siesta Key,” was let go from the show after six months of filming. While it is unknown what caused the firing, some fans believe that it had to do with his on-screen relationships with other cast members.

According to a blog post by one of Kompo’s former cast mates, things quickly got out of hand between Kompo and another cast member. “It was like he was trying to control every aspect of our lives,” she wrote. “I felt like I couldn’t even leave my house without him knowing.”

Kompo released a statement claiming that he was let go because MTV wants to move in a new direction for the show. However, some fans are still skeptical about why he was fired and are asking for more transparency from MTV about what went wrong.


Earlier this month, MTV abruptly cut ties with Alex Kompo after just one season of her reality show “Siesta Key.” The network released a statement saying that the decision was made due to “creative differences.” As soon as word got out, many people began to speculate about what could have led to the show’s cancellation. Some were quick to point fingers at Kompo, while others simply wished her well in her future endeavors.




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